"I never dream about you... I dream about magical creatures and faraway lands. You see, you wanted to plan this thing... but I wanted to dream. And there are glimpses of you in that ethereal place. And sometimes when I see your face I think.. Holy fuck, I need to escape. But you've made your way into every realm.. and that's when I realise, that you were me all along."

A collaboration project between myself and local artist Cathie Slavin. Close up pictures showcase Cathies hand embroidery skills and highlight her ability to work closely within the 3D nature of this canvas. The words and markings came to me in a brief moment and were immediately transferred onto the canvas with no interference. Still revealing more to me each day! 💕

MIXED MEDIA: Acrylic, Spray paint, ink, posca, black embroidery cotton and hand died sari silk buttons on salvaged canvas.



Ready to hang with metal rod stitched and installed at the top.

*Please note.. I have photographed this in natural light, and have captured the colours as close to  the original as possible, but please allow for slight colour variations from screen to screen ☺️


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