I'm Rachel Barber! A fulltime visual artist based in Mangonui, Northland. 

My creative energies are channeled directly onto canvas using acrylics, house paint, spray paint, and paint markers. Its all about colour, vibrancy and nonlinearity for me! 

Bold energetic markings help me to illustrate the abstract link I feel between 'reality' and the dreamland in which I dwell inside... Nature, our human-ness and the interconnectedness between us all inspires me and have become the core themes upon my canvas. 

Femininity, emotional capacity, and openness are all themes I relate to in my personal realm. I am constantly being asked to retreat inwards, to feel the depths of my humanness, my own layers.. and explore with no hesitation what this means on the canvas. My works are often larger in size, and deeply unfolding. I hope that when you spend you spend time with my work, you experience the full capacity of YOU - your true essence being exposed and reflected back to you.



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