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- Custom commission artist - affordable custom artwork ships for FREE in New Zealand -

For those seeking energetic, layered, purifying art for their space. Forever moving, immersive, experiential.

Get started with 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Fall in love with my style

Take a moment to explore and appreciate my unique artistic style, make sure it resonates with you and captures the feeling you desire.

Step 2: Choose the perfect size

Consider the space where you want to display the artwork and decide on the ideal size that suits your vision. Whether you prefer a BIG, bold statement piece or a more intimate creation, selecting the right size is a crucial step in the journey. I can paint to almost ANY size, the sky really is the limit!

Step 3: Get an accurate quote

Simply send me an email with your inspo and desired size for the custom artwork! It's that simple! I will provide you with an accurate quote based on your inspiration. If you like the price, we can begin the process of bringing your vision to life!! Exciting!

neon dreams artwork abstract custom art

Price guideline


Message me!

Te Karoa Road, RD2 , Kaitaia

Thank you! 


A little about me

Hey! I'm Rachel, just your classic kiwi gal, 31 years old living and working in a wee humble abode, nestled deep in tranquil northland. In 2020, I embarked on an exhilarating journey, uprooting my life and setting my destination as an artist. Painting swiftly became my way of life, infusing every moment with boundless creativity.  I am a passionate colour enthusiast, from the clothes that I wear, to the things I surround myself with, im seeking a more meaningful existence centered around my ultimate passion: painting.

I draw inspiration organically from the natural world, allowing its wonders to guide my brush.

Additionally I have the joy of bringing clients' heartfelt briefs & their visions to life on canvas! Man, i'm a lucky gal!

Julia, Auckland, NZ

‘….in all this madness having something bright in my house that brings joy is going to be so amazing.’

Danielle, Whangerei, NZ

‘I don’t want to change anything at all. I love waking up to it everyday heheh… the lighting hits it so good in the morning, it makes me feel happy!’

Esther, Auckland, NZ

‘OMG Rachel, you have completely outdone yourself! This is sooo insane! I love it so much -you are an absolute colour queen!’


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